Bulking problem?

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Oct 4, 2015 12:58am
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I have a bit of a problem. Since school started, I've been finding it very hard to eat clean consistently or eat in general, and have enough sleep (running 5 hours a day). In class, teachers don't allow students to snack for example, and this really hinders one's full potential of achieving their goal. And time is so limited due to the workload that I have (AP courses in highschool trying to maintain top 1% of my class, running an eBay business, president of a club, working out...) to the point that I have to hustle all day. The only time I have to really chow down is in the evening when I got home. And eating a lot in one meal and near bed time isn't the best option health wise.
Any tips or ideas on how to consume more calories in spaced out meals/snacks through out the day and how to get more sleep will be much appreciated.
Much love everyone.
-Vu Nguyen
09 Oct
Protein shakes are usually the best on the go meals, if you don't Have time to Eat. Hope that helps.