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Dec 6, 2015 3:35pm
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Foods to eat before or after workout?

06 Dec
Do you want to build muscle or burn fat?
06 Dec
Burn fat
06 Dec
For burning fat, sticking to the general sport diet rule is good enough. For fat burning purpose, you will be doing endurance training which normally lasts for more than 45 mins, so Pre-workout you will want something light but with enough glucose to sustain your blood sugar level during workouts such as banana, energy bars, etc. Post-workout should be nutrient rich food (esp protein) for your muscle recovery. The most important thing is have a healthy daily diet and you don't have to be worried about post or pre-workout foods :)
06 Dec
Okay thank you Would energy drinks be fine?
06 Dec
Yes, sport drinks and energy drinks contain the carbs for your energy. Furthermore, most sport drinks also contain electrolytes, vitamins, with these ingredients inside it can replenish your body fluid more effectively than water. However, most energy drinks contain caffeine which you may not want to consume too much. Also, the they r often carbonated, so they may cause GI discomfort during an endurance training.