Planning meals vs. Grabbing some on the go

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Dec 9, 2015 3:38am
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So.... I have the problem of eating out. Its sooooo expensive. I need a recommendation on a meal plan.

11 Dec
I have the same problem. I'm going to try a Sunday night meal prep. I don't mind eating the same thing over and over again so I may just make a huge crockpot meal and divide that up. I an always on the go so I have a snack bag in the car,it's mostly for my kids but it helps mommy too. I also keep luna bars at the office and in my purse.
23 Dec
Same here, sort of. Not eating out, but grabbing whatever is convient, like a bagel a day cookies for dinner when I walk in the door. Carrying a few protein bars belps, and making my meals ahead for the whole week. I'm fine with the same breakfast daily, but can only do the same lunch/dinner a couple times in a row. It's a lot of work right now, making a grocery lost, buying everything, prepping it all on the weekend, making sure there is room in the fridge. I've just started it, and didn't do it the last two weeks....
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Dec 9, 2015 4:05pm
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Lol I carry a full backpack every day and it's primary purpose is to haul all of my food & snacks