When counting, do you guys count fruit and veggie calories?

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Apr 10, 2016 8:19pm
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I know some people don't (weight watcher members) but others say calories are calories. What do you think?
10 Apr
i count fruit, but most veggies i dont count. they're so low on calories, i just dont bother.
10 Apr
calories aren't that big of a deal if your dealing with fruits and veggies. Not a lot of calories are in it. But hey, there healthy :)
11 Apr
Like Aneesa said... Sometimes I eat a salad and all I log is condiments.
15 Apr
Thanks, everyone! I'm definitely going to experiment with your advice :)
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Apr 12, 2016 5:56am
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Count everything.

Only things I don't count are things like coffee, tea, and some drinks with really low kcal. Also don't count the butter or  oil I cook in.

I know I underrepport my kcal. Just like everyone else, but that doesn't really matter as long as you see results.

15 Apr
Thanks :) this helps a lot