Starting up again! Food help?

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May 13, 2016 4:23am
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Hey everyone!
So today was my first day back at the gym after almost a year. No real excuse besides being busy with school and work but thats besides the point. My biggest problem has always been what to eat.. Ill have a really good work out day and no idea what to fill my body with that wont mess up what i just did. Im really not big on vegetables.. Im that person who will spend half an hour picking out the veggies and then eat my food. But there have been some things ive tried that are good, like this cauliflower lasagna, and some eggplant with cheese thing... I dont know but i guess food that makes you think again about it being vegetables is what i like. Do you guys have an suggestions? Anything helps!
13 May
The more you know the more your food habits will change. Just google something everyday. what kind of bread should i eat? What is the difference between complex and simple carbs? How much protein should I eat? How much water should I drink?(as much as possible) What should i eat before/after a workout? What should I eat before bed? How many calories should I consume for my weight?
20 Jul
Search up usda on supertracker!! You can enter the food you ate for the day and it will tell you what your exceeding and what your lacking in, there is a app but it cost money so if you dont want to spend money you can just do it on the website
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Jul 17, 2016 2:02pm
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Jul 17, 2016 10:58pm
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Hi Yocelyn,
There is a topic on the forums called Recipes for atheletes. On it is hundreds of beautiful, easily made, verynhealthy recipes. Search for that and give some of them a go. All the best for your new, exciting eating.