Cut out meat ?

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May 14, 2016 6:49pm
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I was thinking of going vegetarian or vegan I see the leanest beautifully sculpted or toned bellys from this diet and want to give it a try . So you think it's a sustainable diet for recieving all the nutrients one needs ?
15 May
26 May
My friend lost a lot of weight when he cut out meat. then found out that he had to find a way to add enough food to his diet to get his energy up as he became more active. So I can see it giving you the abs of your desire but just monitor how it affects your energy as you stay active
09 Aug
you cant get toned/fit just by being vegan/vegiterian. being a vegiterian (used to be vegan) i thought that aswell, but i was wrong. i accually gained weight, being a vegan. eating patatoes, avacados etc. you have to do ALOT of working out. loosing meat as your main source of protein makes it challenging. but you will get there. i completley reccomed going vegan or even vegiterian. just watch videos on why to be vegan. its crazy how many animals are slaughtered, raped and killed.
04 Dec
ive been a vegetarian for 4 years now. feel free to inbox me for imformation or support!!
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May 15, 2016 9:38am
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You can. But it's hard work. Because eating vegetarian makes it a lot harder to get a full protein profile. But it's not impossible.

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May 15, 2016 3:56pm
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According to what I've read lately, the idea of "complete protein" being difficult to get on vegetarian diet is so over-exaggerated that it is practically a myth. The original text the idea appeared in has since been revised, the author wishing they could take it back, since it is the most often repeated drawback to vegetarian eating, preventing who knows how many people from making a lifestyle change that would actually be quite healthy.

The truth is, the body holds amino acids in reserve, and matches them later with the complimentary requirements to make complete proteins.. And if you're eating a variety of food, then you really don't need to worry about making a complete protein in every meal. Just eat a variety of vegetarian protein sources and don't worry about it.

15 May
I agree that's it's probably overdone. I haven't seen any studies on the subject. So figures aren't known to me. But it still holds some of its value. For every upside a good vegetarian diet has for ones health. These are very clear it's still another perspective when you look at it geared towards a more bodybuilding look at things, it's a lot harder to get all your protein in. Which will probably make you fall back on a few foods that you can eat enough quantity of to get your threshold of protein in. And with this lays sometimes...
15 May
yeah it's a thing that has roots in science fact but is so often repeated and reinforced as overly significant without actual examination. i don't know enough but i can imagine that with body building requirements a veg diet may present unique challenges... but im highly suspicious of all these studies "proving" how beneficial whey is, since i know for a fact there is a ton of money behind the dairy & cheese industry trying to create a market for what is essentially an industrial byproduct they were throwing away before all the hype. Im sensitive to dairy so i...
16 May
Yea, a lot of times its less black and white than it seems. You could take a look at Jose Antonio his whey(protein) overfeeding study. It's pretty interesting study in which they over fed training individuals with high amounts of protein (trough whey shakes). Really surprising results. And Antonio is very legit as a scientist!
01 Jul
Well said guys. I agree
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Jul 17, 2016 2:02pm
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