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Feb 11, 2013 4:38pm
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Is having cereal for breakfast good? Thanks.

11 Feb
Depends on type is it shreddes wheat or fruit loops haha
15 Feb
Have rolled oats for breakfast, it is a great source of insoluble fibre, which burns slower by the body so you don't get hungry as quickly. It lowers the bad cholesterol as well. There are 2 types of fibre, soluble and insoluble. The soluble tends to burn faster, things give fruits potatoes and stuff. Insoluble fibres are things like oats, nuts and stuff which take longer to burn. You can add raisins, nuts banana or berries for taste if you like.
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Feb 11, 2013 5:49pm
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I have cornflakes every morning! The good thing about cereal is that it doesn't have that many calories and its filling for mornings! Wheatabix is really good for weight loss because it contains lots of fibre!:-)
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Feb 11, 2013 7:43pm
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It all depends of the cereal, I have it as my second breakfast and I usually have oatmeal.. make sure the cereal u r having is a good source of fiber and is of course with no additives or sugars

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Feb 12, 2013 11:43am
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Yes some cereal are good. Read the ingreidant label, make sure its whole wheat and less in sugar.

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Feb 14, 2013 5:39am
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I eat special k with a banana and i m losing weight.

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Feb 17, 2013 6:14pm

Most cereals have to much added sugar. If you are going to eat cereal, try to limit your sugars, the fewer, the better. Also, think whole grain. If the ingredients say 'enriched flour' its NOT whole grain. There are a few cereals with no added sugars, you could add berries to make them taste better and get more nutrition. Make sure your getting 15 or more grams of protein in your breakfast too! Cereals are mostly carbs and very little protein. For health reasons, eggs, spinach, and tomatoes are my go to choice for breakfast but I have a bowl of cereal once a week or so as a treat.