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Mar 8, 2013 10:43pm
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I just need some advice on what I should buy for a whole foods diet. I've read about it a little and listen to people rave about the benifits and now I want to try it! Open to all/any suggestions

09 Mar
Its pretty simple don't eat anything processed. I lost 100 on this diet and it has stuck with me since.
09 Mar
Get some raspberrys strawberries blueberries and acaĆ­ berry smoothie mix in the freezer section blend that up in a blender pour into a bowl throw some all natural honey and gronola on top of that and your set filling and tasty but a bit pricey...
09 Mar
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not really worried about price. Just want to do what's healthiest I have a 2 year old and its time I lost the baby weight and get back to a healthier lifestyle
09 Mar
lol i feel it I got the sympathy weight still on from my 21 month old its never to late to start unless you've become hadicapable otherwise your set anyways yeah get that berry smoothie mix its great I really love it hope you do to ;-)
09 Mar
Will do thank you : )