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Mar 31, 2013 11:44am
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Im trying go grow abs but Is it effective if I dont always go for clean eating? Like rice, meat, but I didnt take any foods that are too oily or really fattening .

31 Mar
Well that depends, do you already have a flat stomach? Or do u have some weight to lose in that area?
31 Mar
I need to lose some weight .. Stil quite a long way to getting a flat tummy :(
31 Mar
Alright don't worry you'll get there. But if u want to get there fast, you should aim for clean eating all the time. Eat a lot of egg whites, fish, veggies, etc. Do mainly cardio because you will develop abs underneath your layer of tummy fat so when you finally do lose weight, you'll have some ab definition already there. Once u have a flat tummy then you'll really be able to workout your abs & get what u want. You can still workout your abs now but that won't make the fat go away. It will just push against...
31 Mar
And if you do eat rice, eat brown rice and try and only eat carbs early in the day. For example, ill eat carbs for lunch so that they give me energy to workout after I digest. Drink a lot of water. And im a vegetarian but i only eat fish so if you need meat in your life, shoot for lean meats and try not to it meat too often.
31 Mar
Thank you for your advice! :)