Sink or swim - stool *let's keep this a mature topic*

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May 17, 2013 2:59pm
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So I hear people say that our stool should float, because a doctor said so. Well, there is a fine line what a doctor will tell you and a nutritionist words. In fact, floating waste is just the opposite affect you want. A healthy body produces stool that sinks. I know many people read this and say who cares as long as my poop isn't a weird color or has blood in it I'm fine. But or poop (like our urine) can tell tell us a lot about our bodies. Also it's important to track how many times you use the bathroom a day. If you eat 3 meals a day and use it once where do you think to other 2 meals are? Just sitting there in your system. I hope this gives you a little insight our bodies and the signs they give us.
17 May
I also read somewhere that if a stool stinks reallll and i mean real baddddd than it could be a sign of health problems.
17 May
You make it sounds as if defacating once a day is a bad thing. The food is not just "sitting" there either, at least it shouldn't be-- it is being digested and nutrients are being absorbed. If you eat a lot of food and aren't passing stool as often as you think you should, then you need to add more fiber to your diet. Whether it floats or not depends on how compressed/loose it is. The more fiber intake, the more likely it is to float. The more protein intake, and it is likely to sink. The longer you "hold...
17 May
Well it kinda is, think about this you hear a lot of people getting diseases like colon caner due to a blockage in the digestive tract. And why would it be blocked? Food that doesn't just leave the body magically. Bowel movements should equal as many times as you eat a day. If not it says that you metabolism has slowed down quite a bit.
17 May
Cellulose is great for cleaning out the digestive tract and preventing polyps from developing (those can lead ti colon cancer). Also, eating Greek yogurt once a day is very beneficial. Oh, and how much stool being passed at any given time is important as well. If one is passing stool once a day and it is very little, then there is defiantly something wrong going on in there! This is a very interesting topic you have brought up lol
17 May
Yogurt is probiotic which helps a lot also fiber is a great way to natural cleanse the body and have your trips to the bathroom come move regularly. And I'm glad you like this topic :)
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May 17, 2013 3:44pm
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thanks for the awareness

17 May
You're welcome :)

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