Looking for a good diet for me

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May 27, 2013 8:50pm
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I am looking to lose 10-15 pounds in the next month or two. I am trying to build muscle and trying to lose fat. I want to lose stomach fat along with lower body fat. I have been lifting weights and doing many lower body machines at the gym. If anyone has any suggestions if would much appreciated if you shared!

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27 May
eat loads of fibre such as fruit like oranges grapes strawberries and oat and wheats to loose weight fast but also exercise a lot
27 May
Thank you Alex! I will try to incorporate more oats into my diet but I feel I eat enough fruits per day! Like I said, THANKS!!
27 May
If you're building muscle it will be hard to accurately keep track of the fat that you are burning (in terms of weight), you may be burning the fat but not losing the weight due to building muscle. A good diet would be a high protein and low carb diet this way you will be feeding you muscles for growth whilst burning through your bodies fat stores.