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The Sun Salutation is a graceful sequence of 12 postures completed in a continuous flowing motion. It is normally done on a yoga mat.


Set 1: 3 rounds
Stand up in Mountain Pose with prayer hands
5 seconds
Reach up with arms over head
5 seconds
Fold forward. Bring Head to Knees.
5 seconds
Look up with a slight arch in your back. Go into a Right Lung.
5 seconds
Step left foot back into a Plank Position
10 seconds
Lower to the floor
5 seconds
Upward facing dog
10 seconds
Downward Facing Dog
10 seconds
Left foot Lunge. Bring feet together in between hands.
5 seconds
Fold forward. Bring head to knees.
5 seconds
Stand up with palms together. Stretch.
10 seconds
Stand up in Mountain Pose
5 seconds

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