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How fit are you? Sure, it's fun to speculate but this At-Home Fitness Test will help you quantify it! Gauge your muscular strength and core endurance with max rep push-ups & crunches. This is open to all - kneeling push-ups and partner crunches count! See how you compare against the avg person's rankings posted on blog.skimble.com via the American College of Sports Medicine. It's also a great time to log your weight on skimble.com. Way to make progress toward your fitness goals!


Set 1: 1 round
Max Rep Push-Ups
Max Rep Push-Ups
1 minute
Max Rep Crunches
Max Rep Crunches
1 minute

Workout Discussion

11 Jan
12 pushups, 48 situps. Need a lot of work
08 Sep
Whew after taking some time off still managed to crank out 71 pushup and 73 situps.
12 Jul
45 push ups and 70 sit ups
01 Jul
20 push ups, 60 crunches
21 Mar
40 push up 66 crunches
17 Feb
40 pushups, 51 crunches
09 Sep
30 pushups 50 crunches. .....progress
19 May
Getting stronger! How's everyone improving?

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