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This fitness test was inspired by the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Test. Test yourself once a month to see if you can beat your previous score. In the army, Soldiers must get at least a score of 60 on each to pass. Minimum #s for the 27-31 age bracket for Males (M) & Females (F) are: Push-ups: 39M / 17F, Sit-ups: 45 M & F, 2 Mile Run: 17min M / 20:30 F The time for running in this workout is set to moderate.


Set 1: 1 round
Raise you body up, making sure to keep your neck straight. Lower slowly.
2 minutes
10 seconds
 Lower your torso to the ground until your elbows form a 90 degree angle.
2 minutes
10 seconds
Run 2 Miles
Run 2 Miles
18 minutes

Workout Discussion

16 Aug
You are not supposed to aim for a minimum score, the aim is to max out. 78 Push ups, 80 Sit ups, 13:18 run for a male in that age
24 Feb
60 is not at all much when i was younger i had once a week a training with at least 30 in half a minute and.that half an hour

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