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Motivation & Support / Positive people?

So I am morbidly obese, and the only one in the house who is. It is a constant struggle to stay on track but it is something that I seriously need to do. So I was wondering if there were others out there who wanted to be that positive person for each other? I am 388.4lbs as of this morning when I started I was 416lbs a little more than a month ago. I probably could have done more but I had a few missteps along the way. We have been eating mostly clean, one ingredient foods. The hard part is my nephew doesn't like it most of the time so I'm having to cook two meals and sometimes the will power isn't there to stay away. I have tried this is all you get to eat or you won't eat and he will go for a day or day and a half without eating the only thing he will eat that is a fruit or vegetable is an apple until he gets bored of them. My sister keeps expecting me to stop or starts getting emotional telling me she doesn't want me to die and that's hard because I'm an emotional eater. And then she brings sugary foods home. I just need people to talk to who are in a positive place or want to be. Sorry for the long story!