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Motivation & Support / Can never stick to a workout.

I hear ya! I am struggling with fitting in school and health too. I find it helpful to have a plan in place the day before, and tell myself I HAVE to go, no thoughts of not going. I treat it like a class that I wouldn't skip, and just think of how much happier I will be when its done. You can just do short 15, 20 min high intensity workouts, that's all you have to get through, and they are fun. There are so many great and diverse ideas on this app, and I use pinterest, or see if there are any classes at a local gym. That way you just have to get there and they will do the planning for you. I also find it helpful to workout right in the morning before anything else, and that way its done. Keeping it diverse also helps keep your interest, so running, full body, cycling... If you need ideas let me know!
If nothing else, take the long way to class and walk with high speed, that still counts as a work out! And make yourself do small workouts before things like putting your shoes on, eating dinner.... Such as 10 push ups, 30 sec high knees, or whatever
Best of luck! We all struggle with too little time, but if it matters to you it will get done! Focus on doing it 2 days a week, then work up to more!