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Teen Zone / Help with breakup..

I really thank you All for your tipps and kindness. It feels good to read how nice you guys are to me. The relationship wasn't very long. It was 4months and a few days. But it still hurts. The point is,ppl have warned me and told me that he only wants some fun because he does that often(tell a girl that he loves her,have some fun ans than break up) they told me but i didn't believe them and now he left me like their told me and i feel so stupid! I am really stupid and next time i won't ignore those warnings..
But..back to the topic.. I think that i really Do more sports and stay busy so that i don't have time to cry or even think of him anymore. TheTipp that i should make myself happy with making my nails and hair i like pretty much and would Do that too!
I really really thank all of you! You are so great and lovely, thank you!!