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Weight Loss / What can I change up? ( Diet tips)

Your calories aren't the only thing you have to make sure they're not all fatty cals and that they have protein to fill you up. I've lost 8 pounds in a little over a month. Here are a few things I eat. 

Pita bread pizza pocket
A big piece of fatfree pita bread ( a lot of it is fatfree ) with fatfree riccota cheese in it (the kind in lasagna) with lowfat tomato sauce folded and heated up for 30 seconds. Sometimes I put tomato slices or meat in it to. Pretty cheap to make and the rest of the riccotta is great mixed up in salad.

Fatfree greek yogurt

Avocados contain healthy fat and are great in salad and sandwiches ( I usually only make my wraps with pita bread)

Small portions of salted mixed nuts for protein and healthy fat.

Eggwhites with rotel or a little cheese

I started mixing lowfat laughing cow soft swiss cheese spreads and relish with tuna instead of mayo. It actually tastes really good.