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Health Conditions / Exercise with fibromyalgia

MY wife has Fibromyalgia as you probably know is now classed as neurological disorder and positive research has been done on the affects of creatine which is a weighting lifting supplement so might be worth you giving that a read....

Also its affected by your mental state so counselling can be helpful along with psysio therapy that you might be getting from hospital.

Diet is key to loosing weight, exercise speeds it up and improves your health in various ways.

So start with a diet plan and a food dirary...maintain your calories to 1500 and doing nothing you will loose a little weight. 

The advice my wife was given is to do what you can, when you can and don't over do want to strengthen your legs and arms as you use them a lot and need the strength to deal with the pain.  Don't rely on pills to much they dont do you too much good inside or to your mental state.  If you live in a open country look for cannabis pain relief (forget any notion of illegal drugs etc as it can work better than legal prescription drugs..vaporising is better than smoking and oil/butter is better still )

Hope it helps.