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Health Conditions / Exercise with fibromyalgia


I need to lose about 80 lbs and have fibromyalgia. I'm just on the tail end of a really bad flare up, so have decided slow and steady is the way to go.

I go swimming once a week and log what I am eating after every meal. If I'm feeling well enough, I go for a walk, but am still on walking sticks at the moment, so I can't go very far. Even if I just go up and down the garden a few times a day,at least I feel like I'm doing something! As soon as I'm using the sticks less around the house, I'm going to start doing some gentle yoga.

My doctors have told me low impact exercise is the way forward for fibromites. Swimming,cycling, walking and yoga are probably the best things to start off with.

Have you found any exercises that help you at all?