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Challenges / December Run Challenge - One More Day!

Get fit for the new year! Here's your mission if you choose to accept it!

Each day of December you will have a set amount of distance to run.

Day 1-3 - 0.5 km
Day 4-6 - 1.0 km
Day 7-9 - 1.5 km
Day 10-12 - 2.0 km
Day 13-15 - 2.5km
Day 16-18 - 3.0km
Day 19-21 - 3.5km
Day 22-24 - 4.0km
Day 25-27 - 4.5km
Day 28-30 - 5.0km

If you go by miles instead of km then either convert it or do the same only in miles. Doesn't Matter. Make it your own!

If you miss a day you have to start back where you left off and on the 31st we will share how far we got! Then party!

See you all on the 1st of December!

Xx Lil B