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Motivation & Support / Weekly Lessons

Every week I'm going to try and post a new and positive habit or tip that people should follow. I'm going to try and make them applicable to everyone's situation. Feel free to ask questions or comment your opinions but everything is provided for educational purposes only and backed by research. So follow me and this topic and hopefully I'll answer some questions, dispel myths or create some new ones

1. You need fat in your diet... PERIOD!
Now that doesn't mean you should hook in to that tub of ice cream or deep fry your veggies so you can say you're eating them. I'm talking about the good fats, the likes of one's from fresh fish, avocado and nuts (poly and monounsaturated fats) not the bad fats (saturated) created from animal products and known to increase heart disease. The one you really want to avoid is transfats, these lower HDL cholesterol and increase the bad LDL cholesterol.

Next week: incorporating fats into your regime.