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Welcome Wagon / No one will answer me!

First of all, you've lost 30 lbs in four months. You are in plateau mode because your body is saying you've lost enough weight. 21 bmi is great. I would continue with food diary for sure. It is likely your body will need to readjust to this new weight before you see some muscle definition. Also it's difficult for women to have six packs because we have more subcutaneous fat than men. It's not impossible but it takes great patience. You may see women with six packs if they are dehydrated or too thin or have makeup on their abs. Do not get hung up on it and downplay all your good progress. Eat more water rich vegetables and continue what you have been doing. To truly have a six-pack you may need to follow the diet and exercise routine of a body builder. Which is extremely strenuous and needs supervision from an expert.