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Pregnancy & Fit Moms / TummySafe workout

Hi everybody. I wanna share a workout that I've created for the core muscles that is safe for diastasis recti if you follow instructions on each exercise.
Quick - you must know:

- Avoid plank positions.
- Dont arch back when perform crunches or wall sits. Must be no gap between wall or floor and your back.
- Avoid always positions like cobra were you have to arch you back like that, because your abdominal muscles will separate even more if you have diastasis recti.

About me and the workout.
- I have 4 months old twins
- I dont have this diastasis recti problem, however Im avoiding some exercises for precaution.
- Im not professional, I just did a research about this condition.

If you dont understand something ask me. English its not my first language, I do live in an English speaking country tho.


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