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Motivation & Support / Working the night shift

I used to have a three shift job where the shifts were 7 am-3 pm, 3 pm-11 pm and 11 pm-7 am. I usually would have all three shifts mixed in just a few days, which sucked. Like Friday 11pm-7am, Saturday 3pm-7am (double shifts were common during the weekends), Sunday 3pm-11pm, Monday 7am-3pm. That's 40 hours of work in three days, but the worst part is you never get proper sleep. I sure didn't mind the paycheck after working night shifts in the weekends and having a lot of time off was nice but it was a relief not having to work night shifts anymore. Eventually the evening/morning shift mixing started to get to me too and I was constantly tired and was never able to create any routines.

Unfortunately there are studies showing that shift work and working night shifts are hazardous to your health in the long run, mainly because you don't get proper sleep, routines and eating habits and because you force your body into a cycle that's unnatural for it.