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Women's Locker Room / Losing weight after Csection

What I do is take something small to work with me. I'm like u always busy and work to damn early lol. I work 7 am to 330pm. After work I pick my daughter up an have 2 dogs and a guinea pig and a bf that works 3rd shift so I don't have help at night. I'm also a full time student and I run my own business. I am a seamstress, sell Younique make up and I also sell waist trainers. So I'm always busy doing fittings or making tutu's. 

What I do is carry fruit, nuts etc in my purse. As soon as I get to work I eat something even if it's a banana, Apple, etc. eat something anything even if it's a yogurt. And drink as much water as possible cut out all soda, juice etc.  

When I had my daughter what I did was eat something heavy for lunch since my job was a bather at a doggy salon. I was on my feet for 10-12 hrs a day not only carrying heavy ass dogs but cleaning the shop, answering phones etc. I was drained when I got home and just wanted to sleep. I don't think I ate much either. A blue berry muffin got me through my days most of the time. That's why I stress carrying something in your purse to munch on. Depending on what ur eating at night and the time u go to bed determins if u will gain weight.