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Motivation & Support / Crying because I hate my body and I don't see the results.....

First of all: don't hate your body. It's a gift and it's capable of things you may not see now yet or even believe in. Moreover: from what I see in your pics your body doesn't deserve one second of hatred - it's a beautiful body and it took you through a lot of workouts already. Accept it's current fitness state and be grateful if you don't suffer serious pain for months or years (I can tell from my own experience: don't take it for granted!).

Second: we all strive for a certain goal if we have made a fitness choice. One wants to live a healthier life, one wants to lose a lot of weight, one is tired of being skinny. All these goals need an enormous determination and endurance. Remember this: your body as it is now has developed over many years. It suffered injury maybe, it got stuffed with junk food and sweets, or it wasn't moved a lot. We all have treated our bodies in a certain way over a long time and the result is in the mirror now. If you're not happy with what you see, you have to change your behaviour.

Think about what and how much you eat. Do some research (or read in many topics in here) what and how much your body needs to function properly. Change your intake accordingly. Make it a routine. Be positive about what you eat. Allow yourself cheat days but eat clean again afterwards. Don't allow yourself cheat weeks.

Second is the workouts. Enjoy what you do. Do more if you feel well, less if you don't - but be sure to do something. At least 3-4 times a week. Workouts have to become a routine too. For me e.g. it's easier to do something (even if it's only 4 mins) every day. Workouts have become a normal part of my life. Like showering. I don't think about "Do I feel like working out today?" anymore. The only question is: what and how much.

Make sure your workouts don't become dull. Do something new every other day. Be also sure to challenge your body all the time. Keep an eye on the mixture. Train legs, arms, abs, booty, back, stretch and add some cardio. Try to do tougher workouts, try to go longer, try to run an extra minute. All this will help you improving.

But also know this: it will take time, whatever you do. If you haven't worked out in the last 5 years, your body will not change in 4 weeks. It's smart. It thinks: let's lean back and see how long she's gonna keep her drive. Because it's hard for your body to change! It won't do it easily. It'll only change when it notices: wait a minute, she won't stop! I need to build muscles to do that freaking pushups every day! I need to empty my fat depots to be able to run that third mile! And then again: those changes don't happen over night!

A smart sentence says: it takes 4 weeks for yourself to see changes, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, 12 weeks for the rest of the world. The important word is "changes". It's not that you reach your dream body in 12 weeks. It just means: one can see that there's slight improvements. Depending on your goals and your start it may take 6 months, maybe a year, maybe more. If you're really up for that goal with all your soul you'll need to have that discipline and endurance for that whole time!

And also know that (inspired by your body goal in one of your pics): all (fitness) models or serious bodybuilders subordinate their whole life to their bodies. We're not talking months, we're talking 10 years and more. Important note one: you need to realise how realistic those goals really are (and also keep in mind that 95% of all professional pics are optimised digitally more or less in addition). Important note two: think for yourself: do I want such body so bad that I'm ready to waive friends, party and everything which makes life worth living?

Sorry for that long text: key message: you're gorgeous the way you are and you're doing great in your efforts to improve yourself. Don't throw it all away. Give it the time it takes, results will come. Stay strong, believe in yourself and