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Motivation & Support / My body HURTS,help please!!

Sounds like you're lifting things with your legs, which is proper form if you're lifting a lot of objects off of the ground. Sore muscles are usually a result of lactic acid build up in your muscles. This is a by product of working out you're muscles to the point of exhaustion. The muscles are broken down by the lactic acid and are rebuilt as your body recovers (through rest). Not only that over worked muscles usually tend to develop knots. Take some advice from Luke and Lana, Rest. You can speed up the recovery process a bit by getting a good massage. A good massage will help workout those stubborn knots. If you can't find somebody to give a massage try using a foam roller. Foam rollers are used by many physical therapists for this purpose. You can find some great ways to use a foam roller at Stretching never hurts as long as you don't over stretch the muscles. Be kind to yourself, your health is more important than any job or weight loss goal. Good luck and God Bless!