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Men's Locker Room / Eating Disorder

By starving your not going to lose your fat your going to lose your muscles and then your gonna lose the fat in your body... 
Eat 5meals a day but small portions 
Drink 8-10glass of water(water help u lose weight) 
Drink green tea( also helps u lose weight) 
Do cardio when u wake up and have nothing in your stomach 
Don't stop eating because that way your gonna lose your body muscle not the fat ... 
Don't limit urself because then your body's gonna crave for sugar and everything 
And don't do something u don't like because then u ll give up really soon
Do what you like.. If u don't like running don't run there is other ways to lose weight.. 
And no one told me to be 160 lbs I did to my self and I'm the one who's gonna change... It's the same for u ..