Route: Clyde Minaret, Direct Southeast Face

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The Minarettes
Mammoth Lakes, California, United States

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Recent Ascents

  Person Ascent Style Notes  
Thomas Bukowski
Onsight 3am wake in Tuolumne 5:40a leave devil postpile trailhead after much dilly dallying 9am Cecil lake, oh hi Brian 10:45a bottom of route, went up gully to see cherie and sony 11:25a top of p1 I led 12pm top of p2 I led 1pm top of p4? I led 1:55p top of p6?? I led, 230ft 2:45p top of p8?? I led, 230ft 3:45p top of shallow dihedral, I led, 200ft 4:05p at notch 5pm summit, John wanted to simul :| 6pm Ken-Clyde notch 6:45p back at base of route 7:30p minaret lake 10:10p back at car - 16h30  


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