Route: Beyond Lunacy

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Reed's Pinnacle
Yosemite Valley, California, United States

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Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches 5:45a wake 7a depart SF 9:30a arrive at cristiano's 10:30a leave cristiano's 11:30a bottom of reeds 12:05p blast off 1:05p top of p2 - jlai then me. 10c was thin and tenuous lb! 2:35p top of p4 - jlai 5.8 hands, me 10c slab/knob. went wrong way for a sec (stay right after crack). lunchtime! 3:20p top of p5 - jlai, 10b 4:20p top of p6 - me, 11c os! 4:45p top of route - jlai, 10d lb move/mantel to 10c slab 5pm ugh rope gets stuck at first rappel 7pm back to car  


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