Route: Lost Arrow Spire Direct

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5.8 C2
Big Wall
Lost Arrow Spire
Yosemite Valley, California, United States

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Recent Ascents

  Person Ascent Style Notes  
Thomas Bukowski
Attempt Fri 7:30p leave city 11:30p arrive Yosemite Sat 5am wake 6am leave campsite 6:40a park at ahwahnee 6:50a start hiking 7:20a gain fern ledge 9:40a at viewing platform - took a wrong turn and tried to go up too soon; the 4th class is obvious and not 5th at all 10am bottom of route 10:35a blast off, Gabe leading 12:15p top of p2 2:15p top of p3, switching to me leading 3pm finish p4 3:20p top of p4 6pm bed Sun It was so damn windy all night! And pretty cold - felt like ~25F. 10am wake 11:20a blast off,...  
Gabriel Vanrenen


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