Route: Windchill

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Tower of Cosmic Wind
Yosemite Valley, California, United States

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Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches great route!!! 9am wake Hardin 10:10a depart tunnel view 11:20a arrive at base of route 11:30a blast off, John leading, linking p1+2 12:30p roof gave him trouble, stopped p1.5, not a good idea to link due to rope drag 1pm top of p1.5 2pm top of p3, i led, it just goes left, no need to go right 3:15p top of p4, great pitch, I led, should send next time! 3:50p top of p5, great pitch as well, John led 5pm top of p6, got epicly lost, went left instead of right 5:35p top of p7, great pitch tho a...  


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