Route: Nurdle

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Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Yosemite Valley, California, United States

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John Tighe
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Thomas Bukowski
Onsight steep! that was kinda scary. was originally going to do this 8 pitch climb called superslacker highway, but we didn't think we had enough time, and wanted to crag.  
Jon Plaut
Multipitch - follow crux pitches Fun climb with a couple distinct cruxes. For me, the ow section on the first pitch was definitely a bit tricky. And on the second pitch, the shallow finger crack section seemed harder than 5.8 to me. However, if I'd been about an inch taller, I could have reached the jug higher up, allowing me to avoid using the finger crack. I'd do this one again and lead up it next time.  
George Sudarkoff
Following multipitch They say it's the steepest 5.8 in the valley. It has a couple of awkward stances, so placing gear must have felt sketchy - Nina did an awesome job leading the route. The crack is perfect size for my hands.  
John Tighe
Following multipitch  


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<p>Classic Yosemite moderate trad climbing with an awkward start.&nbsp; The moves get better after first 2 placements.&nbsp; I thought the second pitch was a lot more fun than the first and I highly recommend toproping the 10d from the top anchors - you'll need 2 ropes for that.</p>

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