Route: Boss Man

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Peak 11,357
Tuolumne Meadows, California, United States

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Thomas Bukowski
Attempt Sat 2am bed 7:20a wake 8:44a drive Dennis to tenaya 9:20a leave Elizabeth Lake trailhead 12:20p Nelson Lake 1:30p bottom of route 1:45p blast off p1, Brian leading 3:15p top of p1 - hard! 3:30p decided to bail - wind getting very cold, weather looked a little ominous, psych factor was low and we were probably going to top out in the dark 4:30p got Brian's pack, repacked, started heading back 6pm saddle above Elizabeth lake - took cross country route with Reymann Lake as the waypoint. Much shorter distance and elevation gain/loss, but tricky routefinding. 7:15pm back at trailhead  


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