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Bluewood Ski Area

At: Washington, United States
Bluewood Ski Area, Washington, United States
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About: The Bluewood Ski Area is a ski resort located in southeastern Washington, United States. The base elevation is at 4,545 feet with the peak at 5,670 feet. The area is 4 miles north of the Oregon border, and 21.5 miles (35 km) driving distance from Dayton, Washington. Of its 24 runs it has 4 green circles, 12 blue squares, and 8 black diamonds. It also one terrain park. It has six back country runs. In 2008 it included a rail park. Bluewood is one of the few resorts in the country that is 100% self sufficient, generating all of their own power via diesel generators. The main chair lift (Skyline express) is also diesel powered via a clutch and fluid coupler. The Triple Nickle lift is electric and uses power from the main diesel generators in the basement of the lodge. The current owner is Stanley Goodell and, in June 2009, the property is currently for sale.


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