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Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

At: New Mexico, United States
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About: Pajarito Mountain Ski Area (Pajarito) is located on the north face of Pajarito Mountain, one of the Jemez Mountains in north central New Mexico, west of Los Alamos. It is located on 850 acres of privately owned land. The Los Alamos Ski Club (LASC), a non-profit organization, owns and operates Pajarito. A typical season runs from Christmas to early April, but an outstanding season may run from Thanksgiving to late April. Pajarito currently does not have snowmaking, but a proposal to provide this capability has been approved by the LASC membership. Season passes are available with discounts available for early season purchase. In summer, Pajarito hosts numerous special events, many involving mountain biking. An extensive network of single and double track mountain bike trails criss-cross the mountain, including a new singletrack trail going to the summit. There also are hiking trails, and horse riding is permitted everywhere except on the mountain bike trails. Adjacent to Pajarito is a Los Alamos County campground, Camp May; Santa Fe National Forest; and Valles Caldera National Preserve. Origin of the name Pajarito means "little bird" in Spanish and was first associated with the area by the archeologist Edgar Lee Hewett who was in turn inspired by Tsirege, which means "bird place" in the Tewa language. Tsirege is a prominent archaeological site located on property owned by Los Alamos National Laboratory.


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