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Snö Mountain

At: Pennsylvania, United States
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About: Snö Mountain (sometimes rendered Sno Mountain), is a ski resort in northeastern Pennsylvania. Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the resort features a wide array of slopes, including the steepest skiing slope in Pennsylvania. Snö Mountain, formerly called Montage Mountain Ski Area, was developed by Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania in the 1980s, using Federal economic development funds. Snö is now one of the largest ski areas in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania, featuring some of the steepest skiing terrain in the region. The mountain has 26 trails for skiing. Snö Mountain also has 2 terrain parks and two new halfpipes including a 22' half pipe. There are currently 5 fixed-grip chairlifts:
  • Shuttle (triple)
  • Short Haul (double)
  • Iron Horse (triple)
  • Long Haul (triple)
  • Phoebe Snow (quad)
There are also 2 magic carpet lifts. One of these is used for the transportation for snow tubers to the top of the snow tubing tracks and the other is used for teach beginners. Trail Difficulty Breakdown(%)
  • 35% Beginner trails
  • 30% Intermediate trails
  • 20% Advanced trails
  • 15% Expert trails
Lodge The lodge has and will continue to be renovated. At the beginning of the 2006 ski season, the food court area was renovated and the lodge is currently being renovated. At the start of the 2008 season the Sno Grill was open and functioning. The Wood Deck Patio opened overlooking the slopes and The Sno Cove opened downstairs. An amphitheater, the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, is located adjacent to it. Until 2006, the resort was named Montage Mountain.

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