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Thunder Ridge Ski Area

At: New York, United States
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About: Thunder Ridge is a small ski area located in Patterson, NY. Because it is located just 75 minutes from New York City, the mountain attracts skiers and snowboarders from across the New York area. While it does not receive a lot of snowfall, Thunder Ridge does have snowmaking capabilities which can cover 95% of the mountain. Because it is open at night, Thunder Ridge is a haven for high school ski racing. The mountain hosts part of Hudson Valley League racing. Under previous ownership the mountain was known as Birch Hill (1957-1968) and Big Birch (1968-1995). Popular Trails<table class="wikitable" style="text-align:center"><tr><th>width=25% style="background:green; color:white;"|Easiest </th><th>width=25% style="background:blue; color:white;"|More Difficult </th><th>width=25% style="background:black; color:white;"|Most Difficult </th></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Deer Pasture </td><td>Evergreen </td><td>Blackberry Pass </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Little Thunder </td><td>Fawn Meadow </td><td>Competition Bowl </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Lover's Lane </td><td>Love Connection </td><td>Eagle's Lair </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Lower Bull's Run </td><td>Santa Fe </td><td>Exhibition </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Upper Bull's </td><td>Thunder Alley </td><td>Fool's Delight </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Snowmaker's Express </td><td>Thunder Bolt </td><td>Redemption </td></tr> <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee"><td>Thunder Road </td><td>Wintergreen </td><td>The Face </td></tr> <tr></tr> </table>

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