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Wolf Creek ski area

At: Colorado, United States
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About: Wolf Creek Ski Area is a ski area in southwest Colorado, located on the Wolf Creek Pass between Pagosa Springs and South Fork. It is best known for receiving more average annual snowfall than any other resort in Colorado, at about 435 inches per year. Wolf Creek has gained a reputation in the area as a ski resort for locals, as most of the tourist skiing traffic is directed at Telluride or more developed resorts in central Colorado, due to Wolf Creek's lack of catering to tourists with resort development. Wolf Creek's future as a local's resort has become less certain recently with billionaire developer Red McCombs' proposed development of a village of over 10,000 people within the boundaries of the ski resort. McCombs acquired the land in 1987, and has been accused of having undue influence over the process of gaining Forest Service approval for the development. It has been stated by opponents that the development would destroy a vital wildlife corridor between wilderness areas along the continental divide, adversely affect businesses in nearby towns due to lost business, harm the ski area due to its location within the boundaries of the resort (some of the development is actually on ski runs), and place great stress on the available water of the region.


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