Cloud Peak

At: Wyoming, United States
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About: Cloud Peak is the highest peak within the Big Horn Mountains in the U.S. state of Wyoming. It rises to an elevation of 13167 feet and provides onlookers with dramatic views and vistas. The mountain can be climbed most easily from the western side. The peak is located in the 189,000 acre (765 km²) Cloud Peak Wilderness within Bighorn National Forest. The northeast slope of Cloud Peak is a deep cirque which harbors Cloud Peak Glacier, the last active glacier in the Bighorn Mountains. Cloud Peak is on the border between Johnson County and Big Horn County in Wyoming and is the high point of both counties. As the high point of an isolated range, Cloud Peak has a particularly high topographic prominence of 7,067 ft (2,154 m). In fact, the mountain has the second greatest topographic prominence in Wyoming, only barely beaten by Gannett Peak, and the sixteenth highest topographic prominence in the contiguous United States.


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