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Loma Prieta

At: California, United States
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About: Loma Prieta (from Spanish loma -hill, prieta -dark) is a Northern California mountain located at approximately in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The peak is located on private property, about 11 miles west of Morgan Hill and within the boundaries of Santa Clara County. The dirt road that leads to the summit is gated, but the tower maintainers generally do not mind hikers. A rural area south and east of the summit is sometimes referred to as Casa Loma, named for an unpaved road through the area. The name is unofficial but its use is supported by the existence of a Casa Loma Volunteer Fire Department in the area. Loma Chiquita Road also serves this general area near the Santa Cruz County line. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake takes its name from the mountain since the epicenter was located near the mountain. The mountain was the longtime site for the transmitter tower of San Jose television station KNTV (from 1955 to 2005). It moved its transmitter to San Bruno Mountain in September 2005, after it became the Bay Area's NBC affiliate.


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