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Mount Bailey

At: Oregon, United States
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About: Mount Bailey is a relatively young tephra cone and shield volcano in the Cascade Range located opposite Mount Thielsen from Diamond Lake in southern Oregon, United States. Bailey consists of a 2000 feet high main cone on top of an old basaltic andesite shield volcano. With a volume of 8 to 9 kilometers, Mount Bailey is slightly smaller than its neighbor Diamond Peak. Mount Bailey has become well known in the Pacific Northwest region as a haven for "snowcat skiing" in the winter months. Instead of a conventional chairlift, snowcats—treaded, tractor-like vehicles that can ascend Bailey's steep, snow-covered slopes—carry skiers to the higher reaches of the mountain. In the summer months, a 5 miles hiking trail gives foot access to Bailey's summit. Native Americans are credited with the first ascents of Bailey. It was considered a sacred place to them and a source of medicine (healing) where spiritual leaders would hold feasts and prayer vigils on the summit. Name origin The origin of the mountain's name is a matter of dispute. Old maps show its name as either "Old Baldy" or "Old Bailey", with "Bailey" possibly being a drafting error, while the summit's bald, burnt-over appearance might indicate the origin of the designation "Baldy". No record of a person named Bailey who was connected with the peak has been found. The Klamath name for the mountain was Youxlokes, which means "Medicine Mountain". In 1992 the Oregon Geographic Names Board voted to name the mountain in honor of naturalists Vernon and Florence Bailey.


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