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Mount Bigelow

At: Maine, United States
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About: Mount Bigelow (also called the Bigelow Range and Bigelow Mountain) is a long mountain ridge with several summits. It is located in Franklin County and Somerset County, Maine. It is one of Maine's highest summits. The mountain is named after Major Timothy Bigelow who climbed the rugged summit in late October 1775 "for the purpose of observation." Major Bigelow was one of Colonel Benedict Arnold's four division commanders during the 1775 Invasion of Canada. The expeditionary force passed along the Dead River on the northern edge of the Bigelow Range, now dammed into Flagstaff Lake. The highest summit of Bigelow Mountain is West Peak, at 4,145 feet (1,263 m). Subpeaks include Avery Peak (Myron H. Avery Peak) at 4,088 feet (1,246 m), The Horns at 3,805 feet (1,160 m), Cranberry Peak at 3,194 feet (974 m), and Little Bigelow Mountain at about 3,070 feet (936 m). Bigelow Mountain is part of the Rangeley-Stratton mountain range, which also includes Sugarloaf Mountain, Crocker Mountain, Saddleback Mountain, Mount Abraham, Mount Redington, and other mountains. The Appalachian Trail traverses Bigelow Mountain. Much of the mountain and surrounding area is part of the 10540 acres Bigelow Preserve, created in 1976 in response to a massive proposed ski resort. The Appalachian Mountain Club considers both the West Peak and Avery Peak of Bigelow to be "four-thousand footers" because Avery Peak rises more than 200 feet above the col that adjoins it to the higher West Peak. By this same criteria, the South Horn of Bigelow, while under 4000 feet, qualifies for the New England Hundred Highest list.


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