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Mount Jackson

At: Montana, United States
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About: Mount Jackson is a 10,052 feet (3064 meters) peak in Glacier National Park and one of the six over 10,000 feet in the park. It is part of the Rocky Mountain and Lewis Ranges and its nearest higher neighbor is Mount Stimson to the south east. Impressive Jackson Glacier, the only glacier clearly visible from the Going-to-the-Sun Road, lies to the east. Mount Jackson was climbed by Frank B. Wynn and his son James Wynn in August 1912. david.walters@horizon.ab.ca has a copy of the journal written by James Wynn describing the 1912 climb. James does not suggest that it was a first ascent, but Frank B Wynn was the first to climb several peaks in Glacier. He climbed Mt. Cleveland in 1920 with Harry R Horn and John F. Habber. This predates the 1924 climb of Cleveland by the Sierra Club who currently claim the first ascent. david.walters@horizon.ab.ca found the Nature Study Club of Indiana summit log book near the summit of Cleveland in 2001 showing the 1920 date. Copies available on request.


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