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Mount Madison

At: New Hampshire, United States
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About: Mount Madison is a mountain in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire in the United States. The Appalachian Mountain Club's Madison Spring Hut is located in the col between Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams. Mountains in the Presidential Range are named for U.S. presidents, with the tallest mountain — Mt. Washington — named for the first president, the second tallest — Mt. Adams — for the second president, and so on. However due to a surveying error, Mt. Monroe is actually 22 feet taller than Mt. Madison, which is not the correct order of presidents. There are many hiking trails on Mount Madison. The easiest way up is via the Valley Way, which goes to Madison Spring Hut. Hikers of lower endurance may prefer to hike up to "Dome Rock" — a foothill to the north of Mount Madison — or to one of the "Howks" on the Howker Ridge. The Madison Spring Hut, maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club, is nestled between Mount Madison and Mount Adams and provides rustic lodging in the summer. Reservations generally need to be made far in advance. Like all of the mountains of the Presidential Range, the summit of Mount Madison is above treeline. Due to high winds and low temperatures, hypothermia is a danger even in the summer. Hikers are advised not to wear cotton, as cotton contributes to hypothermia. Hiking in the colder months is considered highly dangerous.


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