Mount Muir

At: California, United States
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About: Mount Muir is a peak in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, 0.95 miles south of Mount Whitney. It rises to 14015 feet, and is the eleventh highest peak in the state. It is named for John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, notable California geologist, and American conservationist. The southernmost section of the John Muir Trail contours along the west side of Mount Muir near its summit and ends on the summit of Mount Whitney. Mount Muir can be climbed on its west side from the John Muir Trail, involving difficult scrambling up the steep, boulder-strewn slopes to the summit (YDS Class 2, Class 3 on the summit block, with some exposure). The first ascent is not known. The east side of Mount Muir is a spectacular near-vertical cliff about 1400 feet high. The first route on this side (the north side of the east buttress) was first climbed on July 11, 1935 by Nelson P. Nies and John D. Mendenhall. It is a roped climb, YDS Class 4. The south side of the east buttress, also a Class 4 climb, was first climbed on September 1, 1935, by Arthur B. Johnson and William Rice.


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