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Mount Olympus

At: Washington, United States
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About: Mount Olympus is the tallest and most prominent mountain in the Olympic Mountains range of Western Washington. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, it is the central feature of Olympic National Park. Mount Olympus is the highest summit of the Olympic Mountains, however, peaks such as Mount Constance, on the eastern margin of the range, are more visible from the Seattle metropolitan area. With notable local relief, it ascends over 2100 meters from the 293 meters elevation confluence of the Hoh River with Hoh Creek in only 8.8 kilometers. Mount Olympus has 7829 feet of prominence, ranking 5th in the state of Washington. Due to large winter snowfalls, Mount Olympus supports large glaciers, despite its modest elevation, 2427 meters, and relatively low latitude (48°). These glaciers include Blue, Hoh, Humes, Jeffers, Hubert, and White, the longest of which is Hoh at 4.93 kilometers. The largest is Blue with a volume of 0.57 km³ and area of 5.31 km². Mount Olympus was sighted in 1774 by the Spanish explorer Juan Perez, who named it "El Cerro de la Santa Rosalia". This is said to be the first European to name a geographic feature in present-day Washington state. In 1778, on July 4, the British explorer John Meares gave the mountain its present name, Olympus.


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