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Mount Prophet

At: Washington, United States
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About: Mount Prophet is a steep and remote mountain in the North Cascades of the U.S. state of Washington. Located between several isolated valleys west of Ross Lake and east of the Picket Range, the mountain was named after Tommy Rowland, a "religiously fanatic" prospector who lived by the Skagit River in the late 19th century. Because of its difficult-to-access location, few people have attempted to climb Mount Prophet. The peak of Mount Prophet is roughly 7650 feet above sea level, though conflicting measurements range from 7579 feet to 7680 feet. Ringed by the separate valleys of the two Beaver Creeks and Arctic Creek, the mountain rises steeply from the valley floor, which gives it a prominence of 4000 feet. Several trails lead to drainages near the mountain, the closest of which is the Little Beaver-Big Beaver Loop, a distance of roughly 26.5 miles. Nearby mountains
  • Mount Terror
  • Mount Fury
  • Mount Blum


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