Mount Sherman

At: Colorado, United States
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About: Mount Sherman is a fourteener in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is located in the Mosquito Range, approximately 8 miles south of Mount Lincoln. It lies on the border between Lake County and Park County, approximately 7 miles east-southeast of Leadville. Mount Sherman is one of the most nondescript of the fourteeners, and one of the easiest to climb; it is recommended as a beginner fourteener. It is also the only fourteener that has had a successful aircraft landing on its summit. "As night approaches we get higher and higher up the far-famed Rocky Mountains, and before dark reach the most elevated point, at Sherman, eight thousand feet above tide. But our preconceived notions of the Rocky Mountains, derived from pictures of Fremont a lá Napoleon crossing the Alps, have received a rude shock; we only climb high plains--not a tree, nor a peak, nor a ravine; when at the top we are but on level ground--a brown prairie, "only this, and nothing more."" Andrew Carnegie, Round the World


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